Adam Kola

Adam F. Kola, Ph.D., assistant professor, Deputy Director of the Institute of Slavonic Philology, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland. Fellowships in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, China (Institute for World Literature, Harvard) and the US (Columbia). Fellowship for the outstanding young scholars of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higer Education and numerous stipends from the Foundation for Polish Science. Books in Polish: “Europe in Polish, Czech, and Croatian Discourse. Critical Reconfiguration”, 2010; “Czech and Russian Slavophilism in Comparison”, 2004; more than 70 papers in Polish, Czech, Russian and English language.

Personal webpage:

My academic interests focuses on comparative literature and comparative intellectual history of East and Central Europe, Slavic political and social thought, and contemporary philosophy of culture. One of my major themes of research is knowledge transfer and influence of East and Central European émigrés on the development of the humanities in the United States in the context of creolization of theory and postwar world literature. The second topic is non-classical history of the theory of literature (and humanities as a whole disciplinary area), which is based not only on published text, but also on archival materials, interviews, etc. The purpose is to study thus also the mechanisms behind the growth of literary studies and academic knowledge.